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*See bottom for updates*
A friend of mine has commissioned me to sculpt the saxxy award from TF2. 

I will be making a limited casting of these if anyone is interested. 

Here is a WIP shot of the statue in clay. NOTE: the bottom most part of the base will not be that tall. It will be thinner like the in game model. That is just that for support and armature reasons. 
Saxxy Commission Wip by VanLogan 

The details! 
    Each statue will be $40+ S+H (S+H will be calculated once the statue is finished so I may get and exact measure of weight and see what the best option is.) 
                If you live outside the US please let me know before ordering the statue as this may incur higher shipping cost 
    I accept Paypal ( <-- email linked to paypal) 
    12'' tall from the bottom of base to top of hat
    Solid cast Urethane Resin 
    Spray painted gold figure and matte dark grey base

We need your help! We need to get at least 5 people to purchase a Saxxy to cover the materials cost. 

Names of interested people. 
1. Tom O. -paid 
2. Tom O. -paid 
3. Dreux F. -paid 
4. Valerie   -paid
5. ChaosDynasty -paid

Timeline- The sculpt and refinement of the clay statue will be done before New Years. Molding, casting and finishing the statues should take about 2 weeks but this cannot start until we have five people who have paid the $40. 

If you have any general questions about the statue please leave a comment here. If you would like to purchase one please send me a note or an email at 

I will update this journal as things move forward, please check back here for any updates. 

*Update 1/3- The sculpting of the Saxxy is finished and I will take photos on Sunday. I am still looking for one more buyer before I can purchase the mold making and casting supplies. If you know anyone interested please share this with them. 

*Update 1/5 Bellow is the images of the finished sculpt. I will be spending some more time to refine the surface and polish the form and base. We need one more buyer. Once the last person has been found I will be able to start the molding and casting process. 
Saxxy sculpt by VanLogan

*Update 1/8 We have the 5th buyer! I'm excited, we are getting closer to having real Saxxys! Once that payment is finalized I will order the casting and mold making materials. It should take about two weeks to finish the mold and castings. I will continue to upload photos of the process as things continue. Please check back here for all updates.

*Update 1/9 Everyone has paid and I've ordered the materials. I'll upload some photos when the mold making begins. 
*Update 1/16 I've finally gotten the materials in the mail. Right now I am doing some tests with them. Sometimes cold weather can negatively affect silicone. If everything is good I should be able to finish the mold this weekend. I will have photos of the process up by Sunday at the latest. 

*Update 1/19 The mold is almost done just a minor setback when I ran out of silicone. I will be back with another update tomorrow. 
Saxxy Mold Update by VanLogan
*Update 1/20 In the image below I've marked the level where the silicone was supposed to go up to and the empty space that it didn't fill. I was able to get more silicone today and fill that gap which can be seen in the lower image. I will be de-molding on Wednesday and will post more pictures then. 

*Update 1/25 Sorry for the late update but I do have good news. Casting of the final statues has begun! I will have some pics of it painted by the end of this weekend. 

Saxxy Update by VanLogan

*Update 1/27 The statue is getting there. I was able to get one of the statues fully painted but when I did I noticed some very small pin hole air bubbles that formed during casting. These were so small I couldn't see them until it was painted gold. I will be getting a glazing compound to fix this and I will have to re sand and paint this one. 
Saxxy Wip by VanLogan

*Update 2/22 Sorry for the late update but they are done! I will be contacting all the buyers very soon to figure out shipping and I hope to have these in the mail as soon as possible. 

Saxxy Awards by VanLogan
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Elfa-dei-boschi Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Professional General Artist
I've sent you a note :)
Awesome54633 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
How tall is it?
VanLogan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
about 12 inches 
arvalis Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Wow, that's super cool and much cheaper than expected.  I'll be telling some of my friends about this.
VanLogan Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you for spreading the word! 
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